小さな空間デザインの介入【建設プロジェクト】/Construction – Design of small spaces

2015年以降、ムクルのノンフォーマルスクールのひとつであるHappy Promotion Centreにて、学校の環境改善を目指して教室や用務員室の企画‐計画‐施工を続けています。


Since 2015, we aim to improve environment of one of non-formal schools at Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Happy Promotion Centre, by planning and construction of classrooms and a caretaker’s room. This project was conducted through cooperation with many architecture students in Nairobi, Japanese students, university teachers of Nairobi University, Kenyan architects, and local craftsmen.



We value four important factors: low-cost, self-build, minimum design, and new comfortable space.

At an informal settlement, it is difficult to establish a “official” school due to land ownership issue. However, 60% of population in Nairobi live in informal settlement, including many children. Even if it’s informal, these schools is a place for learning opportunity, which is guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as a place for protection. We think it’s important to create such a space properly one by one, and continue this project.

Construction of Caretaker’s House in 2017
Axonometric view of the school