Founder: Saori Imoto, Dr. Eng.


Saori is an associate professor at Department of Architecture, Nihon University. She acquired a doctoral degree at Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo, after studying at Japan Women’s University and University of Tokyo and working at architectural design firms. Since internship at Community Action Development Organisation in 2010, she conducted researches and projects in Kenya.


National Director: Samuel Nyagaya


Samuel holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Brought up in the largest slum in Kenya (Kibera), he developed a strong passion for working with residents within informal settlements in developing solutions that better their quality of life. Having been a volunteer with several NGOs based in the informal settlements of Nairobi from as early as the age of 12, and helped in the formation of Undugu Family of Hope, Kibera University and College Students Association, and Slum Architects Association, he has gathered formidable experience in running non-governmental organisations within the slums areas.


Coordinator: Lucy Gachogu


Lucy Gachogu. Graduate architect keen to make a positive impact through design.


Ryunosuke Hiruta

1993年生まれ。東京大学工学部建築学科卒業。 その後DeNAに入社し、マンガアプリ、ライブ配信アプリなどのITプロダクト開発、事業開発などに携わっている。

Ryunosuke works at DeNA, a Japanese Internet Company after studying at Department of Architecture, University of Tokyo.

Supporters / Collaborators

Yasushi Noguchi: Research and Web-design

Dick Olango: Classroom Construction

Edwin Oyaro: Research and Classroom Construction

Takayuki Ichikawa: Translation

Slum Architect Association: Classroom Construction

Alumni of University of Tokyo: Classroom Construction and Research

University of Nairobi: Research

UN-Habitat: Research